Julia T. Kramer, CPA, FBS, CFT-I 
Financial Behavior & Leadership Consultant

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Julia serves as Financial Behavior and Leadership Consultant for Signature Financial, supporting both Signature’s clients and team members in moving towards achieving their professional and financial goals. As a CPA, Certified Financial Therapist Level I, and Financial Behavior Specialist®, Julia brings a unique blend of training in the emerging field of Financial Psychology, traditional coaching techniques, and financial expertise to help clients and team members reach their full potential.

Julia began her career at one of the Big Four accounting firms in Chicago. She started a boutique accounting firm shortly after the birth of her first son in 1994, igniting her entrepreneurial spirit. Relocating from Cleveland to Pittsburgh in early 2000, Julia spent the next decade working inside her home until she stumbled upon the Financial Therapy Association, then in its infancy. The next eight years were spent jumping feet first into the emerging field, taking every training course available. She currently serves as the Treasurer of the Financial Therapy Association where she enjoys collaborating with other passionate and curious colleagues.

Julia is devoted to helping create financial education programs that incorporate the missing ingredients in most such classes: financial psychology, cultural competency, and a deep understanding of trauma and human behavior. Her programs have been used by Circles Sharpsburg. She is also assisting the Women’s Leadership Council of United Way whenever she can and is creating a program for a Lakota community in South Dakota.

She lives in Ohio Township with her husband Devitt, her lab Dozer, and her two cats Deku and Cersei. She has two wonderful adult sons, Ryan and Colin.

A chat with Julia

What do you like best about being part of the Signature Financial Planning family?

Having the opportunity to work with financial advisors and clients to both develop healthy financial behaviors and create customized financial plans that are uniquely tailored to each client.

What are your biggest accomplishments?

I’ve focused a great deal of time developing education programs that focus on financial well-being in a way that goes beyond what traditional financial planners address. I’m also proud of my work with the Financial Therapy Association as well as the Women’s Leadership Council of United Way.

What do you love to do outside of work?

I’m an avid reader, writer, yogi, and meditator. Recently, I started playing tennis and am really enjoying it!


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