Matthew D. Pagnotta, MBA
Assistant Portfolio Manager

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Matthew Pagnotta joined Signature Financial Planning in October 2016 as an Assistant Portfolio Manager. He works directly with our Chief Investment Officer to oversee market activity, research equities and trends in the market, and the management of investment portfolios. His responsibilities also include generating consolidated statements for clients and planning analysis.

Matt holds an M.B.A. with a Finance Concentration from the University of Pittsburgh and a B.S. in Finance also from the University of Pittsburgh.

Prior to joining Signature, Matt worked for the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. He also has previous brokerage experience during his time at Scottrade.

A chat with Matthew

What made you want a career in finance?

I took an Introduction to Business class in high school, and we had a stock selection competition during the semester. I absolutely loved the competition, and I think this class is really what started my fascination with the financial markets.

What do you like best about being a part of the SFP family?

SFP is able to give a more personalized touch to their financial plans and portfolio management processes because of how small and unified we are as a company. Some of the other large banks or wire houses are bound to various processes whereas SFP can tailor specifically to each client. And, of course, this family-like atmosphere is great to be a part of.

On a professional level, what are your biggest accomplishments?

My biggest recent accomplishment would be graduating with an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh while also working full-time.

What do you love to do outside of work?

I like to go hiking and camping when the Pennsylvania weather gives me a chance. I also like to check out the latest restaurants that keep popping up in Pittsburgh.

What are you passionate about in your personal life?

I am most passionate about my family and friends.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

My most memorable travel experience was my trip to Italy to visit my brother who was studying abroad in Florence. I was able to visit Venice, Rome, the Amalfi Coast, and Naples. Without a doubt, I miss the food the most.


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